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Bulk & Custom Orders

If you would like to place a bulk or custom order please fill out your information below. 

Please include the following:

- When you need to order completed by, bearing in mind the minimum turn around is 1 month and could be more based on volume so the earlier the better when placing the order.

- How many bars you are looking to have from the order

- What scent you are looking for

- Any color preferences, bear in mind I have a set of colors I use and while I will accommodate alternative colors, this will add to the turn around time.

- We currently have a goats milk cold process recipe and a hemp milk (vegan) cold process recipe. Both of these are great options, so please let us know which option you are looking for. If you would like an order made with a recipe we do not already use, please let us know the ingredients you are looking for as well, but again keep in mind this will add to the turn around time as we only want to deliver a quality product.  

I am a cold-process soap maker, I am not equipped to make hot process soap at present, nor am I particularly fond of melt and pour, so I will work within the limits of my medium and the techniques I know. 

We will respond within 48 hours with a quote on time and cost for the order. We will then confirm the order and send you information to complete the order then we will execute it.